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My electronic health record, Simple Practice, offers a HIPAA-compliant video platform that is simple to use.  Though it is not the same as meeting in person, many users report being able to receive the same-level client care. 

To launch Telehealth from a SMARTPHONE device:

  1. Download the Telehealth by Simple Practice app (application) from your phone's app store.  Available for Apple or Android

  2. Launch the app on your smartphone. 


3. From the email reminder I will send you, copy and paste the video link into the first line. 

4. Enter your first and last name into the second line.

5. Select "Join Video Call" at the time of your appointment.  

To launch Telehealth from a LAPTOP or DESKTOP COMPUTER:

  • Option 1: Once you establish a telehealth appointment, I will email you an appointment reminder that contains a link to the video.  Click on "Join Video Call" at the time of your appointment. There is no need to download anything.  

  • Option 2: Login to the Simple Practice client portal. This is the portal where you first completed psychotherapy agreement and privacy practices forms. From the appointments page, select on "Join Video" at the time of the appointment.   

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To ensure a better experience of telehealth:

  • Ensure you have a strong Wifi signal.

  • Seek privacy in your home free from distractions.

  • Use earbuds.

  • If more than one person is participating, be sure all participants can "fit" in the screen.

  • At the start of your appointment, we will establish a process for reconnecting should there be a technical disruption. 

Remember, your mental health is just as important as your physical health.  In many ways, caring for your mental and emotional world can boost your immune system allowing you to resist illness and disease. 

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